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Public Media Network is the only independent, nonprofit media organization connecting and supporting creators, video producers, visual journalists, community organizers, and organizations to amplify their stories in Greater Kalamazoo

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People-powered media that allows you to tell your own story through media. Videos reach a larger local audience through our community distribution platforms.

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Our programs provide hands-on opportunities to learn digital media and television from concept to distribution to produce local media with a clear civic purpose.



Partner with our team of industry professionals and apprentices to produce local television and expand your audience.



A local storytelling platform amplifying community news so you can be informed and engaged.

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Apply for a Media Internship

Through our competitive Media Internship program, you'll gain hands-on experience in community…

Frank Jamison Community Media Fellowship

The Frank Jamison Community Media Fellowship enables our recipients to explore issues,…

Media Shift – documentary training

Tell your story - Shift the Narrative. Join Media Shift!

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