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There are a number of ways for you to watch programming on Public Media Network.

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Watch on Cable Television

You can find Public Media Network on  local cable television channels in Greater Kalamazoo. We broadcast on five cable channels on Charter Spectrum and AT&T Uverse.

PMN One (Charter 187 / AT&T 99) ||  PMN Two (Charter 188 / AT&T 99) || PMN Three (Charter 189 / AT&T 99) || PMN Four (Charter 190 / AT&T 99) || PMN Five (Charter 191 / AT&T 99)

Watch on PMN+ App

Take Public Media Network on the go and catch up on your favorite programs. Add the app to your mobile device, Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV.

PMN Archive

Check out past programs on-demand through our collection on the Internet Archive.

TV Schedules

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