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Saturdays from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. starting on August 10th, 2024.

Public Media Network provides media makers with the training, mentorship, and production resources needed to craft impactful documentaries.

What We Offer:

    • Hands-on Workshops: Learn essential skills in filmmaking, storytelling, and documentary production.
    • Mentorship: Gain guidance from experienced media professionals who will help you refine your vision.
    • Production Resources: Access equipment, editing software, and support to bring your documentary to life.


Together, we will:

    • Lift diverse voices and perspectives often unheard.
    • Amplify underrepresented stories that deserve to be shared.
    • Celebrate the richness and complexity of our communities.


Media Shift is your opportunity to:

    • Turn your passion into a powerful documentary (5-7 minutes).
    • Develop your filmmaking skills and build your creative network.
    • Make a difference by sharing stories that matter.

Are you ready to Shift Your Story?

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