Tell Community Stories with Amplify Kalamazoo

By Public Media Network 1 Min Read

Join Amplify Kalamazoo and Share Community Stories!

Want to see more news about your community? Are there stories you wish were told in our local news? Most of us carry an entire production studio in our pockets and don’t even realize it. 

We’ve developed a four-part program that will help you join our network of community reporters and start sharing the stories of your community.  

Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  |  March 12 – 22

Learn how to use a smartphone to produce, shoot, and edit a three to five-minute story for air on Public Media Network. 

Our custom Mobile Activism Kits feature the iPhone 14 Pro Max and also include Bluetooth microphones so you’ll be ready to tell more community stories anytime, anywhere! This training will open the doors for you to produce your own videos at PMN with the ease and comfort of a mobile phone.      

For people interested in everything from sports to gardening, cooking to animal rescues, overlooked issues to hot-takes on common topics.

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