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Through our competitive Media Internship program, you’ll gain hands-on experience in community media and further develop your media production skillset for today’s creative workforce.

Diversify & define your skills:

Interns work directly on a variety of media production opportunities, including content marketing, live event production, and documentary & broadcast journalism. You’ll build a versatile tool kit of durable skills, from content creation to community outreach.

Practice with hands-on experience:

Through collaboration with our team of media professionals, you’ll assist with our community programs that deliver timely results for our members and clients to prepare you for a career in the communications and media fields.

Requirements & pre-requisites for a successful internship experience:

    • Internships require a minimum of TEN dedicated hours on site per week for a period of 15 weeks at our production facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
    • Our internships are production intensive and focused on both producing a professional quality reel to assist with your media production career as well as helping us amplify, inform, and create impact in our community. 
    • Applicants must be able to demonstrate their practical knowledge with basic camera operations and the editing of footage into a video for success with this program. Please note that strict adherence to deadlines is a part of the experience one should also consider when evaluating this opportunity.

If you do not have, or wish to become more skilled, with camera operation and video editing, please consider becoming a volunteer producer with Public Media Network or apply for one of our Media Shift cohorts to develop those valuable practical skillsets.

The deadline to apply for our Fall Internship is Wednesday, July 31st at 6 pm

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